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Smile! We Offer CPAP Mask Alternatives

eos dental sleepAt eos dental sleep, we recognize the importance of a good night’s sleep. That’s why we are dedicated to the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. While the CPAP mask may be considered the “gold standard” of treatment for patients with sleep apnea, not every patient is compliant with CPAP. And of those who are CPAP compliant, many dread using the cumbersome equipment on a nightly basis. We have found that many individuals respond better to alternative treatments, such as oral appliance therapy (OAT).

A more attractive alternative to CPAP, a sleep apnea mouthguard can make a huge difference in your life. It has been clinically proven to be highly effective in the treatment of patients with snoring and sleep apnea by preventing airway obstruction and facilitating easier breathing.

At eos dental sleep, we are experienced with a wide range of oral appliance types. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to treating snoring and sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy. We are dedicated to personalized care and emphasize the careful selection of the proper appliance for your unique needs.

Our friendly staff is well-informed about insurance coverage and will do everything they can to maximize reimbursement for treatment. We can also answer any questions you may have about your treatment payment options.

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We are committed to improving our patients’ quality of sleep and quality of life. Contact Us today by calling (215) 241-0700 or by clicking here to submit an appointment request form. Our office is located in Philadelphia and the surrounding Pennsylvania area.

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It is not often that I find a service or product that is life changing. And I don’t normally take the time to review things. I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea years ago. I blew it off, but after a few years I realized it was affecting my everyday life…I was always tired and I woke up many times during the night. I tried a CPAP machine and just couldn’t get used to it. I finally resorted to SURGERY…having my tonsils out and shaving off my uvula and shrinking my soft palate. Pretty extreme and I still snored. I was keeping my poor husband awake…I finally asked him to sleep in the guest room. Out of frustration I researched “alternatives to CPAP” and found Dr. Levin. I was skeptical that his alternative would work for me. Three visits later, I had my appliance and literally after the first night of wearing it, I felt like a new person! I have a marked amount of energy I haven’t had in years, I breathe easier at night, I sleep through without waking and my husband is back where he belongs. I’m so grateful to Dr. Levin and his staff! They are really great to deal with…professional, honest, and tremendously helpful. Best part was that my insurance covered the entire cost. I had to fight them on it (and Dr. Levin helped!) but it was so worth it. The only downside (minor) is that it does change your bite. Dr. Levin gives you a device to help with that as well…small price to pay for the benefits it creates. So happy!

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