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Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces & Mouth Guards in Philadelphia

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When faced with different treatment options for snoring and sleep apnea, every patient wants to know, “does it work? How effective is it?” The answer is dependent on how well the person complies with using their sleep apnea treatment. Because people find the sleep apnea mouthpiece and mouthguard’s easy to use, more people end up using them and treating their sleep apnea problems effectively.

How Does a Sleep Apnea Mouthguard Work?

A mouthguard for snoring is similar in appearance to a mouthguard worn for sports, except that it does far more than protect your teeth from injury. When inserted, the device works by repositioning the jaw and/or tongue to enlarge the airway and prevent obstructions from occurring during sleep. It essentially acts as a brace – it keeps the tissues and jaw in a designated and stable position so that they don’t interfere with the process of air entering and exiting.

The Benefits of a Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece & Mouthguard

Research has shown that more people end up complying with using their snoring mouthpiece and snoring mouthguard than CPAP and other sleep apnea treatments. A mouthpiece only takes a night or two to get used to because it is fitted specifically to your mouth.

Instead of having to carry around a machine with you when you travel, a snoring mouthguard fits easily into any bag, and you won’t have to worry about the quality of sleep you have while you’re on the road.

Again, a sleep apnea mouthpiece is wins in another department – easy to clean.

The snoring mouthguard has many benefits all centered around how easy they are to use and adapt to your current lifestyle.

See What Out Patients Are Saying!

“Prior to visiting with Dr Levin, I had spent several months very scared, believing I was losing my mind. Having trouble concentrating would be an understatement and I further, couldn’t recall short term memories and found myself making mistakes while working.

Dr Levin analyzed an at home sleep study which was conducted on me. During our meeting he was not only thorough, but reassured me that I was not losing permanent brain function (my primary concern). He explained that the data from the study showed I had many occurrences of apnea while I slept, specifically on my back. He took his time answering all of my questions and listened patiently as I described all of my observations.

He introduced me to an oral appliance that he personally uses to control his own sleep apnea. He took measurements and a few weeks later the manufacturer provided Dr Levin with my own custom sleep apnea oral appliance.

THIS IS A LIFE CHANGING DEVICE. I not only think clearly, but do not remember the last time my brain functioned this well. Concentration is no longer an issue and I can eliminate caffeine all together. I even recall dreams again, something that’s been missing from my life for years.

The care of Dr Levin, his Tech, Chris, and Office Manager, Kate, is exceptional. If you suspect you have sleep apnea, have a sleep study conducted and visit Dr Levin afterwards. A comfortable oral appliance changed my life. You may not need a cumbersome CPAP device to change yours.” – Matt L.

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Where is the Best Place to Get a Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece in Philadelphia?

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