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Is A Snoring Dental Device Easy To Use And Maintain?

man who sleeps soundly with snoring dental device as his snoring treatment in PhiladelphiaWhile the ease of use and maintenance of a medical device may be secondary concerns to its effectiveness, these are still concerns that patients commonly voice when considering a snoring dental device. In addition to comfort, the ease of use and ease of maintenance of an oral appliance can mean the difference between utilizing the device on a nightly basis as prescribed, and choosing to leave it on the bedside table. It’s a particularly important element of the decision for non-compliant CPAP users, many of whom find themselves fed up with the cumbersome mask and looking for an alternative snoring treatment that is truly simple and effortless to use.

In this blog, the Philadelphia snoring and sleep apnea specialist at eos dental sleep will address what a snoring dental device is, how it works and why many patients find it to be an easy-to-use treatment option, particularly as an alternative to CPAP.

What is a snoring dental device?

A snoring dental device, also known as an oral appliance, is a non-invasive snoring treatment that involves the use of a small device that looks like a mouth guard. It works by repositioning the jaw and/or tongue, in order to enlarge the airway and prevent obstruction. Patients whose snoring is primarily caused by a narrow airway or a large tongue that falls back into the throat and blocks airflow during sleep are ideal candidates for this type of treatment.

One of the advantages of oral appliance therapy is that each device is custom-made for the patient, ensuring the maximum level of personalization and comfort. The device is fabricated based on bite impressions taken in-office. After it’s created, your snoring specialist will make sure that the appliance is fitted properly and give you a tutorial on how to insert and remove it. During this office visit, your doctor will also provide instructions for how to maintain your snoring dental device.

What’s involved with use and maintenance of my snoring dental device?

Aside from its custom-made design and clinically proven effectiveness, a snoring dental device is the preferred snoring and sleep apnea treatment for many patients due to its ease of use and simple maintenance. In fact, using the appliance is so effortless that most patients become accustomed to wearing it within a few nights. Maintenance and upkeep for the device are similar to what’s involved with maintenance for a retainer or other removable dental or orthodontic device.

Caring for your snoring dental device involves a few simple steps:

  • Place the device in warm water and a cleansing solution each morning (your doctor may recommend a certain brand or mixture designed for best results)
  • After soaking it for about 15 minutes, use an extra toothbrush to gently brush the device and then rinse it with cool water
  • Dry the device with a clean towel
  • Place the device back into its travel case for safe keeping when not in use

Along with these simple home care measures, periodic follow-up appointments with your Philadelphia snoring and sleep apnea specialist will be necessary in order to ensure that the device is in good working condition. During these visits, the doctor will make any necessary adjustments to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of the device.

What things do I have to avoid when using my oral appliance?

In addition to following the four simple maintenance steps, patients should avoid contact with a few things in order to ensure the device remains in good working condition long-term.

  • Avoid contact with toothpaste
  • Don’t wash it in hot or boiling water
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
  • Avoid using any cleaning agents that have active oxygen ingredients (such as some denture-cleaning agents)

How can I get a snoring dental device in Philadelphia?

It may come as no surprise that patients are drawn to oral appliance therapy as a snoring and sleep apnea treatment due to its simplicity, effectiveness as well as its easy upkeep. In contrast to a CPAP machine with its multiple components (including a mask that has to be in contact with sensitive facial skin on a nightly basis), a snoring dental device is far less complicated and cumbersome to travel with and maintain.

If you are looking to find out more about oral appliance therapy and whether you are a good candidate for this snoring treatment, schedule a consultation at eos dental sleep’s Center City, Philadelphia office today. You can get started by filling out the appointment request form right on this page or by contacting our office.