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The Impact of Snoring on Relationships

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The roof of your mouth, tongue, and throat all relax as you doze off and go into deeper stages of sleep. These muscles in the throat might relax to the point where they vibrate and partially obstruct your airway. As a result, the air that escapes produces a sound called snoring. While snoring is not necessarily life-threatening in most cases, for people in relationships, it can become an issue.

Why Your Partner Might Snore

Weak muscles in the throat that cause snoring may develop for several reasons, including age, weight, frequent alcohol consumption, or certain medical conditions. If your airway is already particularly small, the snoring might also be much more intense.

While snoring is a very common occurrence among people, it's typically not dangerous. However, if your snoring is persistent and loud enough to keep you or your partner from sleeping, it may be a sign of a more severe problem. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may be indicated by symptoms such as irritability, daytime fatigue, and gasping for air during sleep.

How Snoring Can Affect Your Relationship

The sleep quality of both the snorer and their bed partner may be negatively impacted by snoring. Social psychologists have found that when even just one partner in a relationship is sleep-deprived, both partners experience more self-centered feelings and less appreciation of each other.

A lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep can impair a person's ability to think clearly and make sound decisions. Additionally, someone might get irritated easily and snap if they don't get enough sleep. Ultimately, lack of good sleep impairs conflict management skills, heightens negative emotions, and lessens a person's capacity for empathy.

Seeking Snoring Treatment for Your Partner

A professional snoring treatment provider may be able to help you determine the severity of the issue and what could be causing the problem.

Approach your partner with compassion and objectively communicate your concern before suggesting that they see a doctor. In the event that they feel uneasy going by themselves, offer to accompany them to help ease their nerves.

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eos dental sleep recognizes the importance of quiet, restful sleep, whether or not you share a bed with someone else. No one has to wear a CPAP machine; both you and your partner may be able to finally experience relief from snoring through oral appliance therapy (OAT).

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