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Is Your Christmas Tree Making You Snore?

woman drinking coffee on couch with Christmas tree.Does it seem like, around this time of year every year, you seem to snore more loudly and more intensely? Or maybe you only seem to snore around the holidays and no other time of year? Have you considered that it may be because of your Christmas tree?

Should you stop getting a Christmas tree?

Having either a live tree or a fake one could be causing your snoring or making it worse. A live tree can quickly and dramatically increase the level of mold in your home, and a fake tree may have dust, mold, or other debris on it. The bottom line is that you may be bringing allergens into your home when you set up your Christmas tree, and allergies can lead to a congested nose, which can lead to snoring.

And yes, one solution would be to stop getting a Christmas tree – but that doesn’t sound like any fun at all! As a matter of fact, it sounds pretty depressing. Instead of nixing the tree altogether, try these tips:

• Clean your tree off before you bring it into the house. You might try spraying your tree with a hose or even a spray bottle to get dust and debris off, or at least give it a good shake. If you spray it off, leave it outside to dry for a couple of days.

• Get rid of your tree within a week. Any more time than that in your home gives dust and mold a chance to accumulate, so take it down soon after Christmas.

• Store it carefully. If you have an artificial tree, take some time to store it properly. Use a waterproof container to protect it from getting dusty and moldy so that you don’t have to deal with allergies next Christmas.

Have you been snoring more than you used to? It may be allergies, it may be a problem with your nose or mouth anatomy, or it may be something else. Contact eos dental sleep today for help determining why you snore and for help putting a stop to it. Call the office in Philadelphia at (215) 241-0700.