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Does your partner snore?

Mature irritated woman in bed with snoring husbandDoes your partner snore? It might not bother them as they peacefully sleep right through it – but it can sure bother you! You probably wonder, as you lie awake listening to their snores, if there is some way you can help them to stop snoring. Read on for some tips to help them stop snoring and to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Let them know they snore

It may be impossible to believe, but some people don’t know they snore. Just telling your partner they snore is a great first step toward finding a solution.

Consider why they snore

There can be many different reasons why your partner might snore. It can be the result of being overweight or because they smoke or drink – if this is the case, it might help to encourage them to eat right and exercise, quit smoking, and reduce the amount of alcohol they drink. These lifestyle changes may be easier for your partner to handle if you attack them together.

If you notice that your partner snores when they sleep on their back, you could try sleeping back to back or you could suggest attaching a tennis ball to the back of their pajamas so they are forced to sleep on their side.

Also, keep in mind that reasons for snoring may be beyond their control. For instance, if your partner just started snoring when she got pregnant, it is quite possible that she will stop after the baby is delivered.

Consider getting help

If lifestyle changes don’t help and your partner’s snoring only seems to be getting worse (and louder), it might be time to get help. Instead of triggers such as being overweight or drinking alcohol, their snoring might be caused by an anatomic issue, such as a deviated septum.

Your partner’s snoring can make it hard for you to sleep – but it can also indicate a serious problem that won’t go away on its own. The staff at eos dental sleep can help determine why your partner snores and then can help to find a solution. Contact the office in Philadelphia for an appointment today, at (215) 241-0700.