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Are you ready to ditch the CPAP?

Woman in white clothes laying with knees up in bed hands holding and wearing CPAP maskCPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines can work wonders for people with sleep apnea, by increasing the airway pressure and helping them to breathe properly as they sleep. However, any benefits of a CPAP machine might be quickly cancelled out by all of the negatives that come along with CPAP. Read on for your options if you are ready to ditch the CPAP!

CPAP problems

With its bulky mask and hose that keep you tethered to the base as you try to sleep, the list of reasons people don’t like to use a CPAP machine can get pretty long:

• It may be difficult getting used to wearing it every night because it can be quite uncomfortable.

• It can cause anxiety if you suffer with claustrophobia.

• It can lead to various short-term problems: skin irritation, sores, rash, or headaches.

• It can lead to various long-term problems: a constant feeling of being congested, a constant runny nose, weakened throat muscles.

• If the CPAP machine isn’t working right, in rare cases it can cause long-term damage to your lungs (because of the polyurethane in the machine) or meningitis.

Whatever the reason you are ready to stop using your CPAP machine, the good news is that you have other options to help your sleep apnea! One such option is oral appliance therapy. In this treatment, you are fitted with a custom mouth guard. It fits over your teeth as you sleep and works by repositioning your tongue and jaw. This makes it easier for you to breathe properly by opening up the airway.

Mouth guards have many benefits over CPAP machines:

• They are more comfortable and easier to sleep in

• They are easier to clean

• They are easier to travel with

• They are easy to get used to wearing – after a few nights you won’t even notice it

• You don’t have to worry about potential health problems

It is no wonder that people who try oral appliance therapy prefer it to CPAP machines. If you are ready to ditch your CPAP machine, eos dental sleep in Philadelphia can help you find the right oral appliance for you. Call for an appointment today, at (215) 241-0700.