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6+ Things You Should Know About Snoring

tired exhausted stressed woman snoringDoes your partner snore? Have you been told that you snore? It’s an issue that can mean less sleep (for everyone in the house), and it can also mean there are serious underlying health issues that should be addressed. Read on for some things you may not know about snoring.

Snoring facts

1. Snoring is simply the sound of the soft tissue and soft palate vibrating because air can’t move freely through the airway. Snoring can be soft and gentle or quite loud and unpleasant.

2. There are many possible reasons why someone may snore – they may be overweight, have a blocked nose, or it may be a reaction to alcohol or tobacco. It can also happen when you sleep on your back or sleep with your mouth open.

3. There are different remedies for snoring, but the right solution for you really depends on why you are snoring in the first place. Losing weight may help, or you can try special pillows, nasal sprays, or an oral appliance. If sleeping on your back is the problem, something as simple as attaching a tennis ball to the back of your pajamas can get you to sleep on your side.

4. Men snore more than women do, because they have more soft tissue in the airway than women do, a predisposition to gain fat in the neck, and male hormones that may cause the airway to collapse.

5. Your snoring may be caused by a blocked nose, which can be because of allergies or a cold. It may also be because of small nostrils, a deviated septum, or pregnancy.

6. Loud snoring can be a key sign that you have sleep apnea, which can result in serious health problems and can also make it difficult to get enough sleep. Other signs of sleep apnea include headaches and sore throat in the morning, dry mouth upon waking, and excessive sleepiness.

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