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7 Snoring Remedies

Snoring can range from a few little snorts (which can be kind of cute when they come from your significant other) to such a loud racket that the person snoring has to have their own side of the house each night so he or she doesn't keep everyone else awake (which is not cute at all!).

Here are 7 things that can help prevent snoring, from things you can try at home to medical treatments. 

  1. Avoid drinking alcohol before bed. Alcohol can relax the throat muscles, which causes snoring. Stop drinking alcohol about two hours before bed.
  2. Stop smoking. Your family, friends, and doctor have probably given you this advice over and over again. But here is one more reason to quit – smoking irritates the membranes in the nose and throat, which can block airways and can cause snoring.
  3. Get help for allergies. Allergies can cause the nose to become congested, which forces you to breathe through your mouth as you sleep, which leads to snoring.
  4. Avoid sedatives and sleeping pills. These can relax the muscles in the throat, which can interfere with breathing and cause snoring. You may also check with your doctor about prescription medications you are on to see if they cause drowsiness – if they make you sleepy they can cause snoring too.
  5. Get an oral appliance. These devices, which you wear while you sleep, move your jaw and tongue into position so that your airway is not blocked. This can help not only with snoring but with sleep apnea.
  6. Avoid eating large amounts of food too soon before bed. Large meals can cause snoring, and so can certain foods such as dairy.
  7. Lose weight. People who are overweight can have excess fatty tissue at the back of the throat, which causes snoring. Even losing a few pounds can help you to reduce your snoring.

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