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Common CPAP Problems

CPAP AlternativeIf you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), your doctor may have told you the best course of action would be to start using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. However, CPAP machines come with their share of side effects, which can range from annoying to dangerous. Here are some common side effects to be aware of.


For a lot of people, it is difficult to get past how uncomfortable the CPAP can be. The mask and hose can get in the way of finding a comfortable position for sleeping.

A leak in the mask

Air leaking from around the edges of the mask is a very common complaint. The noise from a leak may be so noisy it may disturb your or your partner’s sleep, but it can also reduce how much air pressure is delivered, meaning your CPAP machine won’t work as it should.

Skin irritations

Having a mask on your face every night can lead to a rash or sores.


Some patients complain of headaches, which can occur if the CPAP machine’s pressure is set too high.

Swallowing air

The medical term for this is “aerophagia,” and it can result in uncomfortable gas and bloating.


If your CPAP machine or mask isn’t cleaned well or often enough, it can cause an infection in the lungs or sinuses.

Difficulty exhaling

Patients who use CPAP may find it difficult to breathe out because of the pressure of the machine. This is not only very uncomfortable but can lead to sleepless nights.

Of course, not dealing with OSA is dangerous for your health as well. You may develop serious problems such as high blood pressure, heart attack, or stroke. So, if your CPAP machine is driving you crazy, what can you do?

At eos dental sleep in Philadelphia, we have ways to treat your sleep apnea that doesn’t involve wearing an annoying mask and dealing with all of the problems that come with it. We provide oral appliance therapy, which is a proven alternative to CPAP. We can help you to find a solution so that you can get the sleep you want and deserve. Call (215) 241-0700 for an appointment today!