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How Does Snoring Affect the Rest of the Body?

Everyone has the occasional night where they snore. Too much alcohol can cause you to snore. Exhaustion can lead to snoring. A cold or sinus blockage can cause a short-term snoring problem. But when does snoring become an issue? How does it affect your health? And how does snoring affect the rest of your body?

Why People Snore

Snoring is a vibration of the soft palate that occurs during sleep when your breathing is partially blocked. People who snore regularly may snore because of an underlying condition or health issue, so it’s not just a nuisance that keeps your significant other awake at night.

Snoring as a Symptom

Snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea, a disorder in which the snorer stops breathing several times throughout the night. It can also be a symptom of or complication of obesity, a result of smoking, or even the result of an injury to the jaw. In any case, persistent snoring is something you should have checked out by your physician.

Does Snoring Affect the Rest of My Body?

If snoring is the result of sleep apnea, it can result in high blood pressure, diabetes, and other heart conditions that can be very serious. But snoring has other affects on the body, too. When you are snoring, you are not breathing well enough to oxygenate your blood supply sufficiently. You can suffer from lower oxygen saturation, which over time can result in damage to your organs and pulmonary hypertension. It may also result in fatigue and a reduction in brain function that can make it unsafe to work, operate machinery, or drive.

How to Treat a Snoring Problem

It’s important to seek medical help if you are experiencing chronic snoring. Not only can it place a strain on your relationship, but it can be a sign that you have a significant underlying health issue. A sleep study can determine if you have sleep apnea, and your doctor can help you decide a course of action.

If you are snoring when you sleep but you aren’t sure how it’s affecting your body, schedule a consultation with us.