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5 Reasons You Might be Snoring

SnoringSnoring is a common problem that can disrupt sleep and significantly impacts quality of life—for both you and anyone else who shares your space. An estimated 37 million Americans are habitual snorers, according to Yale University. Snoring is the top reason that Dr. Marc Levin sees patients. What do all of these people have in common? There are a wide variety of reasons that might have you sawing logs at night, such as your sleeping position. But other causes might not be obvious.  

Here are five lesser-known conditions and factors that can contribute to nighttime snoring: 

1. Evening Drinking

While some enjoy the occasional nightcap, your alcohol consumption can impact snoring. Alcohol relaxes the throat muscles, including the tongue and soft palate, increasing their tendency to vibrate and collapse the airway.

2. Allergic Reactions

Whether it is a food allergy or something in your environment, like pets or dust, these factors can cause inflammation in the airways leading to snoring. Some patients see these factors get worst depending on the time of year or season.

3. Deviated Septum and Other Sinus Issues  

A deviated septum is an asymmetry of the nasal passage. This structural condition can restrict airflow through the sinuses and lead to snoring. Other health conditions that impact the nasal passage and airflow, such as asthma or chronic allergies, also cause snoring symptoms.

4. Stress

While not directly related, stress can affect a person’s breathing patterns while sleeping. Cortisol, the hormone released during stress, can cause chest construction, resulting in more labored breathing. 

5. Sleep Deprivation

Snoring isn’t always a sign of deep sleep. A lack of sleep can exacerbate snoring, as sleep deprivation can encourage the muscles and soft tissues in your throat to relax more than usual and partially block the airway during rest. 

If snoring impacts your sleep quality, seeing a sleep expert is the first step to finding a treatment and solution. Dr. Levin knows that sleep habits and snoring are highly individualized and will take time to explore your unique situation during your appointment. Call our Philadelphia office at 215-241-0700 or visit us online at to book your consultation today.