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Dental Sleep Apnea Treatments in Philadelphia

At eos dental sleep, we offer an alternative solution to the CPAP mask using oral appliance therapy in Philadelphia

Dr. Marc Levin is Philadelphia’s expert dentist on sleep apnea treatments. 91% of Dr. Levin’s sleep apnea patients treated with dental-focused sleep apnea treatments were still using their appliances comfortably even after one year.

Our goal is to diagnose your sleep and snoring issues and help you sleep through the night again with CPAP atlernatives that include a tongue retaining device or a sleep apnea mouthpiece (mandibular advancement device).

People elect to have a dentist help with their sleep apnea treatments because the CPAP alternatives we use tend to be comfortable, less invasive, and effective.

If you need help finding out if you have a snoring or sleep apnea problem, try our home sleep study. If you’re already using a CPAP machine, read more about our CPAP alternatives.

If you are interested in Oral Appliance Therapy, please schedule an appointment today.

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